Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Disagree With This!

The main argument against marijuana is that it does not produce Serotonin, but affects anandamide which is present in brain and produces soothing feeling by reacting with THC which is present in marijuana. This can actually increase the depression and cause schizophrenia like in regular illegal use after a prolonged use. It is always safe to administer antidepressant under medical care than use the illegal substance. Also, the constituents of marijuana interfere with the process of balancing the chemicals which antidepressants work to achieve and in fact it may aggravate the condition instead of curing it.

I came across the above small article and must say I disagree. Now I am not expert but I do have some depression issues along with my anxiety. I have taken antidepressants prescribed by a doctor and I must say I hate the way they make me feel, non the less I didn't find any improvement with my depression. 

I have found from my own use of marijuana that it makes me feel better and helped with my depression as well as my anxiety. I haven't smoked in over 6 months now and I have to say my anxiety has intensified and my depression is slowly creeping it's way back into my life. I had to stop smoking because I could no longer afford to buy. I have found that I am more productive and have a better train of thought when I am smoking rather than when I am not smoking. 

So in my case I want to say that marijuana did not make my conditions worse or aggravate them, it actually made me feel better, slow down and relax. I don't care what scientists have to say I know what works for me and what doesn't and no one can tell me what works for me as they are not me. 

I support the legalization of it and think it is time for people to stop being scared and stop being "CLOSET SMOKERS". 

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